Goodbye, unpredictable electricity bills. Hello, fixed rates in Dallas, TX.

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Plans available in Dallas, TX

It doesn’t matter what kind of home, lifestyle, or budget you have – we make it easy to find the best electricity plan for your needs.

Los Simples

For amigos who like to plan ahead.

Get all the necessities like competitive rates and price security.

Los Extras

For amigos who prefer to get more out of their electricity plans.

Get all the necessities + built in rewards.

Los Gratis

For amigos who like to stay in during weekends and evenings.

Get all the necessities + free kilowatt hours.

? If you were referred by another Amigo Energy customer, enter their personal referral code to receive your credit. Terms and conditions apply.

1. Los Simples: The Simples 2. Los Extras: The Extras. 3. Los Gratis: The Freebies.

We get it — your needs change.

That’s why we don’t charge fees if you need to switch to another one of our plans.

I’m moving to Dallas

When you’re moving to a new city, sometimes the last thing on your mind is setting up electricity for your new home. The thing is, energy in Texas is deregulated – which means instead of settling for one utility company that controls everything from pricing to available services, you have the power to choose the right energy provider for you!

Sounds great doesn’t it?

This freedom to choose gives you access to better rates, better service options, more green energy products, and more flexible contracts. But, you know what they say, with more power comes more responsibility. To set up your service, you’ll need to pick one of the 240+ Residential Electric Providers (REPs) operating in Texas.

Luckily, Amigo Energy is here to make your choice a little easier. In addition to effortless enrollments and reliable service, when you choose Amigo Energy you can look forward to:

Competitive Fixed Rates

Flexible Plans Made to fit Your Lifestyle

Energy Conservation Options

I Chose an Electricity Provider. Now What?

Once you’ve chosen an electricity provider, the next step is to set up your new electricity plan. At Amigo Energy, you have the option to enroll online or call 866-239-5056 to set up your new plan with us over the phone.

Enroll Now:

? If you were referred by another Amigo Energy customer, enter their personal referral code to receive your credit. Terms and conditions apply.

Prefer To Give Us A Call? Here’s what you can expect:


An energy advisor will ask you to provide information to start the enrollment process.


Your advisor will run a credit check.


Our team will work with you to finalize your contract.


We’ll contact your Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) (your utility) to turn on your power.

What happens if I need my electricity turned on today?

Sometimes things happen, and you really need to get your power turned on ASAP. That’s why Amigo Energy offers convenient same-day service in most Texas communities.

How To Get Same-Day Service

1. Call Before 12PM CST

Request same-day service before 12:00 PM CST and provide any necessary documentation requested.

2. Verify Your Meter

When you call Amigo Energy, an experienced energy advisor will work with you to confirm that you have a smart meter.

3. Pick An Energy Plan

Your advisor will help you choose and enroll in an electricity plan that best fits your residence, budget, needs, and lifestyle.

4. Turn On Your Lights

Once we review your credit and any other required documentation, you’ll get to enjoy your new service.

*You must have a Smart Meter to qualify. Other terms and conditions may apply.

My Current Dallas Electricity Provider isn’t meeting My Needs.

We understand – some providers just aren’t consistent with their rates or service. That’s why Amigo Energy makes switching electric companies quick and easy to do!

Electricity Company in Dallas, TX

No Notification Required

Not a fan of awkward conversations? Don’t worry! When your Amigo Energy service starts, your meter will report your energy usage to us, and your previous provider will receive a notice to generate a final bill.

Electricity Company in Dallas, TX

Get Connected ASAP

At Amigo Energy, we believe you should have the best rates and service as quickly as possible. So, we can get your new service turned on the same day if you need it!

Electricity Company in Dallas, TX

No Fees to Switch

Will it cost you anything extra to switch electric companies? Not on our end! Sometimes, your Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) will charge you a switch fee, but we won’t.*

Ready to make the switch?

Get better rates, better service, and better rewards by enrolling in an Amigo Energy plan today!

? If you were referred by another Amigo Energy customer, enter their personal referral code to receive your credit. Terms and conditions apply.
*When switching to Amigo Energy, you will still be responsible for paying your current electric company the balance of your last energy bill. If you switch light companies before the end of your current contract, you may be charged a termination fee.

How to find the best commercial electricity rates & plans in Dallas

That’s simple: Just ask one of our experienced energy specialists! It doesn’t matter whether you have a small family-owned store or you run a business in a major industry, our team is here to find energy solutions tailored to your organization’s needs.

View commercial options

Have more questions? We’ve got answers.

I switched to Amigo Energy because…

"I’ve been with Amigo for more than 7 years and it was the best decision for me! I am very pleased with their low energy rates, very clear and accurate advertising, and my weekly energy report that shows me an estimate of how much could be my bill."

– Susan V.

“The only company that I feel secure and understand what I’m paying is Amigo Energy. They have better rates and good customer service. They also offer a great opportunity with their referral program.”

– Meiling P.

"I am very happy to have Amigo Energy as my electric provider, up to this date they have provided me with great service and I want to take this opportunity to thank them."

– Felicito V.

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