Energy Deregulation in Texas

Giving you the power to choose your electric company.

Moving to Texas?

You may have noticed there are a lot of electricity options in the Lone Star State. That’s because Texas light companies—like Amigo Energy—operate differently from utilities in other states due to local energy laws. If you’re wondering what this means for you, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve provided a short history of energy deregulation in Texas, highlighted the key benefits, and outlined why you should choose Amigo Energy as your electric provider.

A Short History of Energy Deregulation in Texas

Before energy deregulation in 2002, the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUC) provided electricity for practically the entire state.1 No competition led to higher rates and little incentive to foster technological advancement.

Since deregulation, dozens of new electric companies have opened up shop in Texas to meet a wide variety of consumer needs, serving around 85 percent of local residents. Now, instead of determining electric rates, PUC acts as an oversight body and consumer resource, running the Texas Power to Choose website.

A Timeline of Deregulated Energy in Texas

The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUC) Is Formed

PUC is tasked with providing statewide regulation of electric rates, among other utilities and services. Rates are controlled by a government agency.

Restructuring of Texas Energy Market

The Texas Legislature gives residents in limited areas the power to choose their electric service. PUC shifts more towards becoming a consumer resource.

Deregulation Is Signed into Law

Texas Senate Bill 7 is signed into law and deregulation starts to be phased in across the state. The Just Energy Group creates Amigo Energy to meet consumer needs.

Nearly 85% of Texans Can Choose Their Energy Service

Now most Texans enjoy the power to choose their Retail Electric Provider, helping make Texas the most successful retail energy market in North America.

How Does Deregulated Energy Work in Texas?

In Texas, all the different aspects of energy production are now divided among various private businesses, which include Retail Electric Providers (REP) like Amigo Energy. Similar to Internet and phone companies, REPs supply electricity to homes and businesses.

Essentially, REPs buy energy from wholesale markets, use utility infrastructure to deliver energy to your home, and then handle all of your billing and electricity supply reporting needs. Now that customers have more than just one energy choice, they have the power to demand better customer service and lower rates, making Texas the best retail energy market in North America.



Utility companies generate electricity

Retail Electric Providers

REPs like Amigo Energy purchase electricity from wholesale markets


REPs then use Transmission and Distribution Service Providers to transport electricity to your home


Finally, smart meters record your supply-side energy usage and report it to your REP

What Are the Benefits of Deregulated Energy?

Competitive Rates

In Texas, light companies compete to offer the lowest price possible in order to gain a larger share of the energy market and increase their bottom line. In this way, electricity deregulation helps consumers get more competitive rates from better electric providers.

Custom Energy Plans

More competition also means more innovation in terms of the traditional structuring of energy plans. Thanks to deregulation, you can choose an energy plan that suits your needs. Perhaps even more importantly, you can lock-in competitive rates for longer periods, giving you more predictability and transparency.

More Renewable Energy

After deregulation, electric companies in Texas started offering green-energy options. In fact, out of the entire population of the U.S., Texans are the most aware of their renewable-energy options thanks to the spread of deregulated energy and the outreach efforts of Retail Electric Providers.

Why Should I Choose Amigo Energy?

Given that there are so many energy options available in Texas, you may be asking yourself, “What makes Amigo Energy right for me?”

Plans that Fit Your Needs

In Texas, all energy plans are not created equal. With tons of light companies offering a variety of plans, you’ll want to be sure the energy plan you choose suits your specific needs.

Nights Free Electricity Get more free hours.1
Green Energy Products Cut your carbon footprint today.
Competitive, Fixed Rates Avoid pesky hidden fees.

$100 Refer-a-Friend Bonus

Receive a $100 bill credit for each family member or friend you refer to us today, and they'll also get a $100 credit when they enroll over the phone.

Weekly Usage Emails

You'll be able to save time and go green with paperless e-billing, and track your energy use with our weekly-usage emails.

No switching fees

Benefit from our extensive experience and quality service, which includes no fees to switch plans if your needs change.

Want to know more? Click here to learn more about residential electricity from Amigo Energy.

1Offer is available to Texas residential customers. Plan bills $4.95 base charge, energy charge including Transmission and Distribution charges each billing cycle for all hours. Usage consumed between 9 PM and 7 AM daily is credited on your bill. Terms and conditions apply. Rates quoted are based on 35% usage at night.

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